SEAMED Tankers

We follow the MCA medical requirements. Contact us directly for the lastest information and services to  adjust your medical supplies on-board to bring your vessel's requirements in-line.

Our registered health care practitioners are available to customize your new ship/yatch's medicine chest/yachts medical bag to meet the specifications of your vessel.



Supply of Pharmaceuticals your vessel needs to have on board as per its registration category.

Medical Chest Certification

New Shipbuilding



Medical Gases

Surgical and Medical Disposables supplies


SeaMed can supply you with oxygen/calibration gases, tanks, and all other accessories.


Ship building Capsules Oxygen Infusion set

SeaMed can provide you with all your surgical and medical disposable needs

First Aid Kits

SeaMed provides vessels with first aid kits; including eye wash stations, life boat kits and any other first aid kits required for your vessel.

First aid

Inventory set ups

SeaMed supplies you with inventories for your medicine chest/bag on-board, complete with labelling and category sections, expiry dates and so forth. This facilitates familiarity with the kits, enables managment of expired inventory and eases forward planning.

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Provision of Drug and Alcohol test kits


On board Drug and alcohol testing is also performed upon request.

Medical Publications

On board visits

We hold on board visits to verify inventories in the event that this is required, to facilitate bringing your vessle's medical chest/bag up to date and in-line with current legislation.

We are able to supply you with the latest medical books as required at law.